Managed Kubernetes

designed for Machine Learning and AI applications

The cluster management software Kubernetes offers methods and tools that support data scientists in developing efficient machine learning applications. Containers orchestrated by Kubernetes and the resulting isolation of workloads make it easier to develop traceable and reproducible AI experiments. Sometimes, however, migration to and management of the Kubernetes environment needs special expert knowledge to be executed.

Our Managed Kubernetes service is supported by the public cloud instances of Cloud&Heat based on vanilla OpenStack with extra security extensions.

Your Benefits From Choosing Cloud&Heat Managed Kubernetes


We offer tailored solution and recommend ideal setups for your machine learning software applications. You can easily scale your services without taking care of the infrastructure.

Optimization for Machine Learning

We offer machine learning optimized hardware setup for your AI workloads.

Data Sovereignty & Security

Built upon SecuStack, a security hardened extension for the open-source technology OpenStack, our Kubernetes service offers extra security, such as tenant separation, to protect your stored and processed data.


By using our service, you are part of the joint-force reducing overall carbon emissions in the ICT sector. Our infrastructure is built for sustainability - powered by our water-cooling technology and waste heat reusage system.

Technical Support

From initial inquiry to application deployment, our human technical advisors are there for you. Our Kubernetes experts are 24/7 on standby to ensure that your applications are always available to your users.


Located in Dresden, Germany, we are like your Kubernetes expert next door. Your data is stored and managed locally in Germany and operates under EU regulation.


Feature Set

Kubernetes API

When you order a Kubernetes Cluster, you automatically get access to kubectl CLI or any other Kubernetes ecosystem tools.


We continuously monitor the basic IaaS (Infrastucture as a Service) as well as Kubernetes Control Plane to make sure you are always able to see the health of your cluster.


We inform you about updates and schedule them on your clusters, so you can use the latest features of the kubernetes platform.

Flexible Scaling

To improve the performance, we adjust the IaaS Platform of your Kubernetes Cluster to your needs and provide advice.

Why Cloud&Heat Managed Kubernetes?

Since 2011, Cloud&Heat has been continuously working on improving cloud operations. Starting with vanilla OpenStack, we then moved on to developing a security hardened OpenStack extension - SecuStack.

With years of experience in cloud infrastructure (software & hardware) operations, we are now offering Managed Kubernetes based on SecuStack cloud environment. 

Use Cases

For AI4BD, we are providing a solution that handles their challenges when scaling their machine learning platform.

During the search for a suitable cloud provider both for us and our customers, the following requirements were important:

  1. secure, GDPR-compliant data storage in Germany,
  2. close, local cooperation from consulting to technical support, and
  3. an attractive price/performance ratio.

Cloud&Heat convinced us in all these respects. Moreover, the overall future-oriented and sustainable concept reflects many points of our own corporate philosophy.

Dr. Martin Voigt 
Managing Director,
AI4BD Deutschland GmbH

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